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lockhartjay_SmallVideo Sermon Collection of Dr. Jay Lockhart, Minister
Jay Lockhart is one of the Church of Christ’s most noted speakers on the Bible and how to interpret it into our lives. For nearly 60 years, Dr. Lockhart has worked with churches throughout the United States and the World. He also ministered through The Search in Tyler, Texas and other TV and radio programs. He is now working with the Whitehouse Church of Christ as our fulltime pulpit Minister. Jay Lockhart videos are provided by Del Masters, a member of the Linder Road Church of Christ, in association with Jay Lockhart

Bible Study Resources Available Online
Who are the churches of Christ by Batsell Barrett Baxter – creation science – online Bible study course

Bible Gateway

The (broadband connection only)

Christian Courier– excellent articles and study helps – helpful resources for all Christians and seekers – outlines and study guides

Church Zip – Traveling and need to find a congregation to visit? Check this out.

Church of Christ Internet Ministries

Gospel Broadcasting Network

The Gospel of Christ – excellent resource for solid Bible lessons

Net Bible Study – study resources on many Bible topics – classroom and study resourcesSearching for the Truth

Preach Today – a website filled with useful information

Searching for Truth – videos exploring religionWhy are there so many churches

Why are there so many churches? – a video on the topic of denomination Saved

Being Saved


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