Repentance – Taking a Knee in Troubled Times

October 8, 2017


Photo by José Luis Mieza

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Taking a knee means a lot of things. Obviously, in the recent controversy with the NFL and President Donald Trump, it could mean either disrespect for the flag or free speech.

In a religious context, however, taking a knee means to submit and surrender to the importance of Jesus in every aspect of our lives.

Calamities – both caused by personal problems or by natural disasters – cause us pain. The earthquakes in Mexico City, the great destruction in Puerto Rico and the murders in Las Vegas: These were calamities that devastated the people affected.

How Jesus Responds to Calamities

Jesus, as quoted in Luke 13:1-9, deals with calamities in His life as well.

In His example in Luke, He shows that you never know when calamities may strike. Calamities brought about by human decisions bring their own pain, but natural calamities don’t make hardships easier.

Calamities, either caused by human hand or by natural disaster, are equally painful.

Surviving Hardship

Dealing with the calamities of life is a fact of life. Everyone will go through hardships and suffer. That is what life is about, to a degree.

How you survive, however, depends on whether you repent.

What is repentance? To make a complete change in the way we think, speak and act.

To repent is to recognize that something in your life is wrong and to turn away from it.

There are no perfect people in this world. All people have done wrong things. Yet, the message of Jesus is that all people can recover from their error because people can choose to change.

Making a Change

If you’re affected by a natural disaster or a human-caused calamity, then you have the power to make it right.

Repent. Choose to find the good in your situation by finding what keeps you from doing good. Then, choose to find out how to make your situation better.

Calamity happens to all people. You will suffer in this life.

However, it’s the repentance you show that determines whether a problem out of your control becomes suffering that you make worse.

….Or becomes a point where your launch your life for good.

If you’re choice.

Are you right with God? Have you taken a knee?


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Photo Credit: “Plaça de l’església de Talamanca” by José Luis Mieza.  Photo used by license from the artist.