Taking a Knee – Unity and Taking a Stand

October 1, 2017

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Taking a Knee: Not Just for Protest

Taking a knee is not just for protest.

People take a knee in honor of others, and in prayer and in humble observance of unity for their team. Taking a knee is not just a way to protest, but it’s also a solemn expression of a like-minded spirit seeking harmony.

Taking a knee for political activism will probably be a short lived exercise. Why? Because people do not wish to be broken apart. They want to being bound together.

Taking a knee for Christ

Photo by John Martinez Pavliga

God wants us to work together. He sent our only begotten son to earth so he may take a knee for us and for Him: coexistent, co-eternal and coequal with God.

He freely took a knee for all of humanity. He unselfishly came to those who cursed and berated Him and unhesitatingly gave up his life for the lonely path of walking to the cross.

Jesus took the form of a bond servant and he gave of himself by becoming obedient unto death. He also accepted the most humiliating type of death: crucifixion.

What more can a person offer for their faith? We need to look deep in our hearts to understand if we’ve given up enough to unite and build, and not just divide.

Paul Pleaded for Unity, Not Uniformity

What’s important to note is that following Christ isn’t about uniformity, or being just like each other. Christians are different. We have different ideas and different needs. We look different. We even have different ideas about the Bible.

In scripture, Paul didn’t say that we should look and act the same. He said that we should have the same “Mind of Christ”. We should be unified in our attitude of acting like Christ: selfless, submissive sacrificial.

Stand United, Not Divided

No one is saying that taking a knee in protest is wrong. If that’s what someone feels is needed to bring the group (or the country) back into a mind of unity, then it’s a good thing.

However, taking a knee in protest should be the exception.

Instead, taking a knee should be an act of unity and prayer. Work to bring each other together and working toward the same “Mind of Christ”. This will create a peace and happiness that no one can take away.

To reach for unity, those in Christ will take a knee.

Those on a mission of faith will take a knee.

Those who want unity instead of division will take a knee.

The question is what kind of “knee” will you take.



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