Why, God, Do We Suffer?

September 24, 2017


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People suffer. Suffering is part of life, to some degree. Everyone has questions and doubts. They are universal in life. However, the biggest question, is whether there is a God.

People question this often in their lives; however, there is no time that they question the existence of God more than in times of suffering. Death of loved one, accidents, hurricanes, natural disaster: suffering is a fact of life.

Minister Richard Sutton

God doesn’t want us to suffer. But he does want people to realize that sometimes suffering is a result of bad decisions. God wants us to make the right decisions so we don’t suffer and so we can live a life that is happy and good.

Sometimes, like in the case of natural disasters, there is no cause. Suffering happens simply because we’re human. In those cases, we still have a response to suffering.

It’s our response to the problems of the world and to the problems of our making that can make us stronger and transform us into real tools of God.


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Bible References

  • Psalm 103:13 - 18
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