Care Group

Care Groups at Linder Road provide a means for each member to find friends and enjoy a deeper, spiritual fellowship in a way that connects one another on a “small church” scale. New members find instant friends in our church.

It’s also how we watch each other’s backs. It helps ensure that the Linder Road church community has healthy members who are cared for.

Linder Road Care Groups

Care Groups at Linder Road give members easy access to their own support network.

How Does it Work?

Each member is assigned to a group. Each group is made up of 4 or more active families and directed by 2 co-leaders.

Groups are encouraged to meet twice a month in a members’ home or at the building (at the option of the group). These group meetings take place outside our scheduled worship times to focus members on each other.

What happens in a Care Group Meeting?

What happens in a care group meeting is up to the care group. Some groups get together to worship God and focus on the Bible. Other groups make time to give back to the community in service activities. Still other groups center their group around food and games to get to better know each other.

Our elders like to at least see some form of worship be part of each time together. They also want to see at least a little time devoted to understanding the needs of fellow members. This is a list of suggested activities:

  • Devotional Time / Bible study – Groups are encouraged to keep their religious discussions centered around the sermons and devotionals of the week.
  • Personal sharing – Groups provide a private time for members who know each other’s private struggles to share and confide. This is the heart of why care groups meet. Members grow in the knowledge of each other’s sufferings and the love for fellow members.
  • Commitment to outreach – Evangelism, service projects, visitor follow-up; anything to get outside our four walls and into the community.
  • Prayer/Worship – Designate time for songs and prayer after sharing.
  • Accountability – Let absentees from worship or groups know that they are missed. Ensure that we know who is sick in the church and what the church can do to help.
  • If the group chooses, a fellowship meal or desert.
  • Group fellowship – Possibly a game night or a group outing.