Family Matters Seminar

Family Matters Seminars

Joe Brumfield – June, 2013

June 9: “Twenty Qualities the Most Successful Families All Have In Common” MP3

June 9: “How to Become a Husband/Wife of Your Husband’s/Wife’s Dreams” MP3 Sermon Notes

June 9: “Why Some Young People Leave the Church and How to Get Them Back” MP3

June 8: “How To Get Your Teenager To Talk To You” MP3

June 8: “The Most Important Lesson to Teach Your Children” MP3

Neal Pollard – August, 2011

August 11: “THE Challenge – Everybody Counts and is Counted On in the Home” MP3

August 12: “Challenges Facing Moms in the Home” MP3

August 13: “Challenges Facing Children in the Home” MP3

August 14: Bible Class – “Challenges Facing Dads in the Home” MP3

AM Worship – “Four Walls of a Beautiful Home” MP3