Institutes and Schools

Bear Valley Bible Institute Durango Church of Christ       Sunset School of Preaching
We help sponsor students who attend Bear Valley Bible Institute, in Denver, Colorado; Preacher Internship’s in Durango, Colorado; and the Adventures in Missions Program at Sunset International Bible Institute, in Lubbock Texas. These places train men to become preachers who then can preach in the United States or in another country.

World Bible SchoolWe help sponsor World Bible School; a free Bible course for anyone to study God’s word by mail or by email; World English Institute, a program to teach non-English speaking individuals to speak English by using the bible; and, Focus Press, a Christian organization that was formed to publish materials based on the inspired Word of God.


Childrens Homes

Manuelito's Childrens HomeWe help sponsor two children’s homes—Manuelito Navajo Children’s Home in New Mexico and Mountain States Children’s Home in Colorado.


We help sponsor Hi Jones, Byron Benitez, Anibel Ramirez and Abner Ramos in Guatemala; Brandon and Katie Price in the Ukraine; Paul Myers in Salmon, ID; and, Ray Sherman in Price, Utah. These individuals have dedicated themselves to spread God’s word in those locations.

Our minister, Richard Sutton, is involved with mission work in Cameroon, South Africa. He goes on a mission trip every other year and spends time training African men to be preachers, in addition to sharing God’s word.


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