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As unbelievable as it is, we’ve turned a page on 2018 already! One month in – seems like a good time to stop and take an assessment of things. How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Are you still exercising at 5:00 a.m. everyday like you said you would? Have you reduced to one cup of coffee a day like you vowed on January 1st?

Just a couple nights ago, President Trump addressed the nation. As a country, we stop annually and take a look at the state of our union (#SOTU). What did we accomplish this past year? What’s out in from of us? These are good questions to ask as a nation…and good questions to ask as those striving to be faithful to God. This won’t take as long as Tuesday night’s speech, but let’s assess some vital areas of our faith.

First, how’s your prayer life? Many who consider themselves Christians profess to struggle with finding time to stay in communication with God. It can be a challenge! But, do we ever think about the fact God has asked us to pray to Him? He wants to hear from us! He wants our burdens and our cares (1 Peter 5:7). That fact alone should be an encouragement to each of us to rededicate ourselves to prayer.

How are you doing in your Bible study? I mean, really? Are we spending time listening to what God has to say to us? His word is, and should be, precious to us (Psalm 119 – all of it!). We take time for so much else in life. Let’s take time to spend in God’s word.

Next, and this is a tough one, how are you doing in paying attention to your church family? If you’re reading this at home, stop and think; or, if you’re in the building, stop and look around – we know there are those who should be here, used to be here, and just aren’t anymore. How can we – and by “we”, I mean “me” – gently, lovingly remind them of God’s love for them? We’re a family! Let’s take care of each other like a family.

There are many other areas we could address – our relationships, our giving, our gratitude – and maybe we can over the next few weeks. Regardless, let’s be those who faithfully follow James’ counsel and look into God’s word and allow it to change us (James 1:22-25). Wherever we’ve been in our past, we know, with God’s help, we can have a bright, faithful future.