2023 Lectureship

Theme: Courage to say something.

2023 Lectureship was held between October 12 to 15th.

Hawatthia and the Benitez family from Guatemala had hard time leaving country but were able to come to US thanks to the prayers given on behalf of their travels. However, Tim Lewis was ill and was not able to come this year. Hope he will be able to come next year.

If you would like to listen to this lectureship, the podcast is available for download to your favorite app.


Thursday – October 12

7:00pmCongregational Singing
7:20pmKeynote: Courage to Say Something – Gary Massey

Friday – October 13

9:00amKeynote: Loving Your Neighbor – Chuck Monan
10:00amKeynote: The Oneness of the Church  Gary Massey
11:00amKeynote: God’s Grace – Cory Waddell
11:45pmBreak for Lunch
1:30pmKeynote: God’s Mercy – Hawatthia Jones
2:30pmKeynote: The Inherent Value of Every Human Being – Chuck Monan
3:30pmKeynote: Self Control – Tom Condos
4:15pmBreak for Dinner
7:00pmCongregational Singing
7:15pmKeynote: God’s Love – Hawatthia Jones

Saturday – October 14

10:00amKeynote: The Joy of the Lord – Gary Massey
11:00amKeynote: Dealing with the Struggle of Temptation – Cory Waddell
Teen Class – Tom Condos
11:45amBreak for Lunch
1:30pmKeynote: The Peace of God – Chuck Monan
2:30pmKeynote: The Social and Moral Issues Facing the Church Today – Gary Massey
Teen Class – Tom Condos
3:30pmKeynote: God’s Forgiveness – Hawatthia Jones
4:15pmBreak for Dinner
7:00pmCongregational Singing
7:15pmKeynote: To the Lost (evangelism) – Cory Waddell

Sunday – October 15

9:00amAdult Bible Class 1: Auditorium Heaven – Richard Sutton
Teen Class: Loving Your Neighbor – Tom Condos
10:00amWorship: The Cross of Christ and His Sacrifice – Chuck Monan
6:00pmWorship: Guatemala report – Hawatthia Jones

2023 Speakers