Re-Opening Update

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Idaho COVID19 Update.  Ada County moved back to Stage 3 as a result of increased cases, including this week on Wednesday with the highest single day cases since inception.

IMPORTANT WORSHIP SERVICE UPDATE:  July 5th worship services are postponed and will occur as E-service only.  Our protocols and expectations were established to easily adapt and adjust to change in Idaho status that did occur this week.  We had previously announced a video and flyer were forthcoming, that too, is on hold, pending updated State guidelines.  

The Elder’s recent are the most important factors surrounding the safety for each member.     We encourage you to continue praying for our efforts around these decisions.  Knowing your strong desire to meet again, gives us encouragement, speaks highly to your spiritual maturity, and our spiritual health here at Linder Road.  

If there is anything you need help with, let your Care Group leader or one of the elders know. May God bless you!