Kids’ Care Group Valentine’s day Boxes

Start date: 01/31/2024
End date: 02/14/2024
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Linder Road Church

It’s time for another Kids’ Care Group event and we’re kicking off 2024 with a Valentine’s Day celebration. It was a big hit last time, with the kiddos enjoying decorating boxes/bags and exchanging cards, as well as all church members being invited to give out Valentine’s cards.

– Decorate your own box or bag and bring it to the church building NO LATER than February 11th (please make sure your name is on it). That way, it will give everyone time to distribute cards. You can bring it when you come to services and drop it off on one of the designated tables we will have set up starting January 31st, or there will also be a large tote outside, in front of the building where you can drop them off throughout the week, if you prefer. If you are unable to pick up your box/bag after services on the 14th, we can either set it aside for you to pick up at your earliest convenience, or you can request a delivery and we would be happy to bring it to you.

– While this is a group for children in 6th grade and under, we are again inviting ALL church members to participate in giving cards to the kiddos. Think of it like the graduation boxes that are set up every year where you can drop in a card for the graduates. We ask that you please not put who the card is to, only who it is from. That way, instead of having to take the time to search for each child’s box, you can just quickly drop a card in each one. Also, please have enough cards for ALL the kiddos.

All of this information has been condensed down onto this flyer, so feel free to print that off and hang it up somewhere as a reminder and checklist, if you would like. If you have any questions, please contact us.

On another note, we would like to add that if you would like to participate in this, but are unable because of financial reasons, PLEASE don’t let that stop you. We NEVER want money to be a deciding factor in any of our events. So, if you would like your child(ren) to have a Valentine’s Day box and cards, but can’t afford to do so, please contact Kate or Katie and we will get you taken care of, no questions asked.

Thank you and we look forward to another fun party!

If you have a further questions, please send us a note.