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The Young Adult/Young Family Ministry connects our young adults and young families to a community of like-minded people in a variety of activities and spiritual growth opportunities, as well as cultivating and strengthening intergenerational bonds within the entire congregation.
Events and activities for this age group occur throughout the year, including monthly dinners and lunches, as well as entire group and smaller group get-togethers.

In 2021, Lord willing, we’re going to be able to once again implement a consistent, weekly Sunday morning Bible class designed for this age group. The class, which will be held in the Remote Service area, will be for those young adults just out of high school through those more experienced adults with kids in elementary school. This class will serve as an anchor point for a variety of teaching opportunities and activities for those who share in similar life experiences and for those potentially soon to be experiencing the same challenges in life.

Not all the topics in this class will be family/parenting-related because we understand not everyone in this age group is in that life circumstance. However, we do want to address the vital topic of our families periodically. Beginning on April 4th, 2021, we’ll begin a study called “Family 101”. Then, for our July-September quarter we’ll focus on “Let This Mind Be In You: An In-Depth Study of Philippians 2:5-8.”

Building Christian Family Class

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