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2020 camps and activities at Camp Ivydale have been cancelled 

Letter from the Camp Ivydale board

To all our wonderful Camp Ivydale supporters,

These are truly strange times that we find ourselves in. No one could have imagined just a few short weeks ago that we would find ourselves in this drastically changed world. Unfortunately, Camp Ivydale is not immune from the impacts of COVID-19. We made the tough decision to cancel our Spring fundraiser a few weeks ago and hoped that would be the extent of the impact on camp. We now find ourselves faced with a question of whether our normal Summer schedule can take place. After consulting the Board, which includes healthcare professionals, we have determined that the best course of action is to cancel all camps this year. This includes YAC, Preteen, Teen, Family camp and the Youth Rally. We will also be closed to outside groups.

The timing of this decision is based on the preparation time to get Camp ready as well as the time needed to coordinate all of the staff, campers, etc for our camps. This is one of the hardest decisions we have had to make for our beloved camp, and we do it very reluctantly, but we had 4 major considerations that led us to this decision:

1. Our most important concern is for the health of our visitors. We asked ourselves what would happen if we did have an exposure issue at camp and then all those campers went home and exposed countless others? Our campers, staff and users come from the whole region and it seems irresponsible to potentially expose people in this very intimate setting where maintaining any real physical distance is nearly impossible.

2. How would we disinfect camp? Not only before the first users of the year arrive, but daily and in between groups? This would be nearly impossible to achieve with any real measure of effectiveness.

3. The exposure to our camp hosts, Wes and Mary Blackmer, to literally several hundred people over the course of the Summer. We do not want to risk their health during their service to camp.

4. For our Board sponsored camps (YAC, Preteen, Teen and Family) if the restrictions carry on into May how many parents will send their kids up this year? We would have to plan for regular size camps, what if only 25% or 50% of normal numbers attend? Again, the exposure risk for a group of 150+ is just too much to dismiss this year.

We understand that this is a very big disappointment for everyone who looks forward to visiting camp every year. We think about the 3rd graders who would be at Preteen for the first time and especially for our Teen Camp Seniors who have been at camp for 9 years and look forward to one last year. To all the Seniors that are reading this please know that we are have already discussed letting you attend in 2021 as campers if that is your wish. You have already had so many things taken away from your senior year experience and we are so very sorry that camp must now be added to that list.

On behalf of the Camp Board and Camp Directors we will miss seeing you this year, but we look forward to seeing everyone next year. We will continue to keep everyone updated and we pray for you all and your health and safety and for a speedy return to a more normal life.

On behalf of the Camp Board, Chad Bewley Board Chairman