Leadership Training for Christ

What is LTC?

Leadership Training for Christ (better known as LTC), is an annual convention held in various locations throughout the United States. The convention is divided into regions, and the Linder Road Church of Christ participates with the Northwest region.

The purpose of LTC is to give youth in 3 rd -12 th grade a chance to grow spiritually and develops skills for serving in the church. Also, deeper relationships are formed through the individual and team activities/events completed throughout the year.

Each year a Bible book (or books, depending on size) is chosen for a Bible Bowl competition, along with a theme. This year’s theme is: “Don’t worry…I got this”, and the book we’re studying is Matthew.

Kick Off Meeting: September 11th, 2022

Convention Date: April 14-16, 2023

Location: Richland, Washington

Why should we participate in LTC?

There are many benefits of participating in LTC.  

  1. There is the knowledge that is gained throughout the year by studying the theme book. 
  2. The program does not just emphasize knowledge but practical skills for service in the church.  LTC includes behind the scenes events such as website design, scrapbook, and video creation to traditional events such as song leading, chorus, puppetry, and speech.  
  3. Participants experience a great sense of fellowship and unity with other churches and Christians from around the region at LTC.  The LTCNW convention is purposefully designed to be encouraging and supportive and not overly competitive in nature.     
  4. LTCNW offers three different types of post-high school scholarships for LTC participants that help them move forward to the next stage of their lives.  
  5. LTC is intergenerational and designed for parents to be actively involved in the program.  Research shows that intergenerational church experiences are critical for life-long faithfulness, and LTC is designed for that kind of church life.  


The convention events are divided into two categories – preconvention and convention. Preconvention events are completed and sent in to the convention to be judged before the convention takes place. Convention events are presented and judged at the convention. The events are either individual events or team events based on the rules in the LTC manual.

There are 35 total events, but some of the more popular ones are:

  • Live Modern Christian Drama (Team Event)
  • Puppetry (Team Event)
  • Chorus (Team Event)
  • Bible Readers Theater (Team Event)
  • Service Project (Individual Event)
  • Song Leading (Individual Event)
  • Bible Reading (Individual Event)
  • Christian Art (Individual Event)