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I recently read an article about the importance of attending church services. It was on a “religious” website which, I assume, is read by “religious” people. Does that seem weird? Doesn’t it seem like those are the least likely people you’d have to remind of the importance of church attendance?

But, the struggle is real…

Every Sunday (every service — Sunday night, Wednesday night, Bible classes) we all know there are people missing from our assemblies who absolutely should and could be there! I get it — there are sick people, people who can’t get out of work, people who don’t drive at night, people who have special events they can’t set the times for, etc. I’m talking about the people who simply choose to go to a movie, or to the lake, or to the mall, or just stay home instead of being where the majority of their church family is!

Nathan Rose, the author of the article I read, is an SBC guy, so I don’t agree with everything he might say about faith. However, he’s spot on with his article ( He lists 5 dangers of skipping church:

  1. You miss out on God’s primary design for your spiritual growth and well-being. I agree — God gave us a church family to encourage us, to motivate us, to remind us we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.
  2. You disobey God. Yeah, plain and simple. Hebrews 10:24–25…you know it — “think about how to motivate each other to love and good works and don’t skip out when we all get together” (my paraphrase).
  3. We make a statement to the world that God is not worthy of worship. Ouch! Painful…but true. If I tell people I’m a Christian, a disciple of Jesus, but I intentionally miss times scheduled to worship Him, what exactly AM I saying then?!
  4. You can’t minister to anyone. This one struck a chord with me. Isn’t that true? People will say, “I came Sunday morning,” or, “I don’t need Bible class,” or “Sunday/Wednesday night is just too hard for me to make it.” What are you saying about your church family who need to see you there? I miss folks when they don’t show up! What about the teacher or preacher or song leader who gets up and sees a smaller crowd than there should be? Is that encouraging to them?! We need to think about these things.
  5. You skip out on a foretaste of Heaven. Think about that! If you find it cumbersome or inconvenient or boring or not worthwhile to attend every time your church family gets together, what are you going to do in HEAVEN?! That’s what we’ll be doing there — worshipping!!!

Listen, I get it…sometimes you just miss a service once in a while. What we’re discussing here is the intent to miss. Think about your brothers and sisters. They need you there. After all, they made the effort to be there for a reason. Maybe they needed to talk to you. Maybe they needed to see your smile. Think about your God. He made a family for us with a plan that we’d all take advantage of times to be together to grow together and, most importantly, to honor Him! Don’t skip out.