There tends to be a lot of firsts in life. First steps, first tooth, first date, and so on. Sometimes those firsts can be difficult to navigate. For instance, all the firsts that comes after a loved one passes away. Sometimes those firsts can be exciting and scary. Consider our high school graduates as they embark on a new journey away from home or all the new moms who are taking care of those brand-new first-born babies!

Firsts are going to happen. Some of those firsts will turn into seconds and thirds and more because they were fun and exciting. Other firsts we never want to go through again. Through all the firsts and more I can not help but think of James 1:1-4.

Regardless or how we may feel about the firsts they could be considered as trials. Those firsts tend to mold us and shape us into who we are as people. Those firsts test our faith so that we might develop perseverance. As we persevere through the firsts, we develop maturity so that we are complete and not lacking in anything.

I tend to gravitate towards older people. I love talking with them and hearing their stories. Their life experiences fascinate me. They have experienced a lot of firsts in their lifetimes. I listen to their stories because they have a wisdom and maturity that I do not when it comes to the firsts that I have yet to encounter.

As you go through your firsts let James 1:1-4 be a guide. Know that there is a purpose for these firsts. Also, reach out to those who have experienced those firsts. Listen and learn from their wisdom and experiences.