We Were Made to Live

No one who is thinking normally, or who is not suffering intolerably, wants to die. Life is our instinct and our basic desire.

I’m convinced that this is also true in the spiritual realm. Somewhere inside of the mind of man is the desire to discover the peace and harmony that will give him that happy “connection” with a higher power. Of course, knowing where to find this vital link can be a problem. And a whole range of solutions is proposed. Jesus did say that there is a kind of peace that the world can give (John 14.27).

But it is really only a kind of truce, bartered and arranged with the permission of the prevailing societal winds. It’s a bubble, really, that no one wants to see popped.

But the Good News of Jesus pops it, indeed. In this respect, the Good News is preceded by a kind of Bad News. It says to those who live in their bubbles: “You feel you are at peace, and you are already lying mortally wounded on the battlefield of the only war that counts.” It is no wonder that so many reject this bad news and don’t give us time to tell them about the good part, which is that the true life that we seek is found only in Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God. That if we live in him, we will never die (John 11.26), and that the peace he gives is the only real peace, the “peace that surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4.7), the kind that truly calms a troubled heart.

Charles White