COVID-19 Update from Elders

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Dear Linder Road Family, 

In light of yesterday’s announcement by Idaho’s Governor that the state now has a confirmed case of Coronavirus, we feel it necessary to implement proactive procedures. 

Please know that we love you and are prayerfully considering how best to respond to the current health crisis which puts many of our number at serious risk.  We strive both to keep God’s will while obeying the decrees of our public officials and attempting to keep the members of our spiritual family safe.  First and foremost, we want you to know that we value both your life and your soul.  We pray that you will have patience with us and know that decisions we are making are intended to be temporary.  We recognize that some may feel that the reactions seem extreme, but we and our public officials hope that these measures will help prevent overburdening our healthcare system as we have seen happen in other nations.

In an effort to be proactive the elders have decided to cancel services for the next three weeks and all group activities the next two months.  Included in this cancellation is:

  • Young Adult Meals 
  • LTC Practice sessions
  • Teen Activities 
  • Wednesday Night Supper
  • Men’s Retreat
  • Community Giveaway
  • LTC Dress Rehearsal and lunch
  • Participation in LTC 
  • Linder Road Youth Rally 
  • Area Wide Singing at Linder Road
  • Ladies’ Bible Class
  • Men’s Breakfasts
  • Care Group Activities at the building

We will continue to monitor the situation and look for other ways to meet together.  We anticipate our next service to be Sunday, April 5th unless the situation gets worse or we find an alternative for coming together.

We would encourage you to bring your family together and conduct your own worship service, taking advantage of our extensive library of past lessons online.

May our God and Father watch over us all.

The Shepherds