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After last November 17th announcement by Central District Health (CDH) of a new Public Health Advisory the elders met.

The elders feel the spiritual health of the congregation is of the utmost importance. Part of the church’s spiritual health involves the gathering together in worship to glorify and honor God, collectively. We will therefore continue to meet in-person, just as we have been. We still must follow social distancing, wearing masks, and all sanitation guidelines provided by the CDH. Therefore, we cautiously, encourage you to attend services in person. While we do not have a strict numerical limit on the number present for worship we are limited by the constraints of applying the social distancing guidelines.

Please continue to register beforehand. Text 208-895-4020 below codes to attend in person

Sunday Service 9am, 11am or 6 pm

  • Register9 – to pre-register for the in-person Sunday 9am service
  • Register11 – to pre-register for the in-person Sunday 11am service
  • SunPM – to pre-register for the in-person Sunday 6 pm bible class 

Wednesday Bible Class 7pm

  • WedPM – to pre-register for the in-person Wednesday 7pm  bible class 

Senior Saints Bible Class – Wednesday 10am.

  • Seniors – to pre-register for the in-person Senior Saints bible class

With this wonderful opportunity to worship together as a body comes the great responsibility of following the CDH guidelines as we strive to protect everyone’s health as much as we can. · Should any of our local health systems implement crisis standards of care then the CDH’s Advisory will become a public health order and we will be forced to immediately do a u-turn and cease all in-person worship and classes.

As you attend worship, please remember that at the conclusion you need to EXIT the building and not congregate and visit inside as is our habit. We know you love each other as we love you and taking time to fellowship is natural. But please do it outside in the fresh air. We encourage you to visit with one another after exiting; however, please continue to use your mask and practice social distancing in your interactions. Even though it will be tough to resist the temptation to hug or shake hands, please do resist. Again, remember: the virus could be among us when we meet together. Finally, please remember that these measures are for the good of all. Please be patient, knowing that these restrictions will eventually be lifted.

Remember, we also encourage everyone to attend classes at the building at 6:00 on Sunday evening and 7:00 on Wednesday evening (these are streamed online for those who cannot make it to the building).

There is a Senior Saints class and a Ladies Bible class at the building at 10 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. We want to remind those that can attend to please socially distance and sit in every other row. Also, remember our ministers are doing a wonderful job producing weekly podcasts for those that are tech savvy. They are available on Facebook or at https://soultosoul.buzzsprout.com. Check them out.

The leadership also wishes to make it absolutely clear that they understand why some of you intend to take precautions during this time by not attending worship or classes. You are loved and cared for by your leaders and, above all, your God. Please continue to pray for one another during this time. These are strange times we are living in and we also ask you to respect those who do wish to worship the Lord in in-person fellowship despite the CDH Public Health Advisory.

During these trying times it is difficult to feel a part of the body. The prolonged separation can cause us all to feel lonely and heavyhearted. I challenge you to reach out to others; family, neighbors and fellow members. Make it a goal to sent a card, call or text five people a week. Let them know they are loved and you care about them. Reaching out, makes others fell less lonely and makes us feel less lonely.