Valentine’s Day with Kid’s Care Group

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After a brief beginning last year, and a subsequent 2020 hiatus, we are super excited to announce that we are starting up our Kids’ Care Group again!

The first event to ease us back into this group is a Valentine’s Day celebration. As we have many kids who are homeschooling, as well as schools not allowing Valentine’s Day card exchanges this year, we thought it would be fun for the kiddos to have a card exchange with their church friends. We are also planning a pizza party following the 11:00 service on February 14th. Here is what we need from anyone wanting to participate:

Decorate your own box or bag and bring it to the church building NO LATER than February 7th (please make sure your name is on it). That way, it will give everyone at least a week to distribute cards. You can bring it when you come to services and drop it off on one of the designated tables we will have set up, or there will also be a large tote outside, in front of the building where you can drop them off throughout the week, if you prefer. If you are unable to pick up your box/bag after services on the 14th, we can either set it aside for you to pick up at your earliest convenience, or you can request a delivery and we would be happy to bring it to you.

While this is a group for children in 6th grade and under, we are inviting ALL church members to participate in giving cards to the kids. Think of it like the graduation boxes that are set up every year where you can drop in a card for the graduates. We ask that you please not put who the card is to, only who it is from. That way, instead of having to take the time to search for each child’s box, you can just quickly drop a card in each one. Also, please have enough cards for ALL the kiddos.

If you are going to come to the pizza party, you MUST RSVP with how many will be in your group by February 12th so we know how much food to order. Parents are welcome to stay and have some pizza as well, but feel free to drop your kiddos off if you would like (with the exception of children 4 years and under, who require an adult to stay with them).

At the pizza party, we ask that everyone please keep your masks on, except while eating/drinking, and maintain physical distancing. We will have the tables/chairs spread out as much as possible for when everyone is having lunch, but if you’re up and around, masks need to be worn at all times. We want to have fun, while keeping everyone safe, so please speak to your kiddos before the party about this.

On another note, we would like to add that if you would like to participate in this, but are unable because of financial reasons, PLEASE don’t let that stop you. We NEVER want money to be a deciding factor in any of our events. So, if you would like your child(ren) to have a Valentine’s Day box and cards, but can’t afford to do so, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you and we look forward to as much participation as possible!