Widowhood Workshop

“…Until death do us part.” What then?

This difficult and compelling question begins the journey into a subject that is often avoided, frequently misunderstood and inadequately addressed in our culture.  Recognizing this life experience of widowhood and coping with life changes after losing a spouse as a subject needing to be addressed, the eldership of Linder Road engaged Dean Miller to present his “Widowhood Workshop” at Linder Road church of Christ on Friday, June 4th – Sunday 6th.

Dean, being a widower himself, is well equipped to understand and teach the material presented from a wealth of scriptures, personal experiences and experts in the fields pertaining to loss, grief, and recovery.  We offer our deepest appreciation to  Dean for the transparency, scope, and relevance of the information he so capably shared with us on this vital and challenging subject.

The workshop began on Friday evening with an opening session discussing Life, Love and Loss. Material from the book of Job, other related scriptures, research on the grieving process, as well as real life examples were all used to set a foundation of understanding and perspective of how to approach this traumatic experience with godly wisdom and deep compassion.  

Continuing Saturday morning, the workshop was presented in a three lesson format on the following topics: (1) Divine Perspective of Widowhood, (2) Personal Perspective of Widowhood, and (3) Marriage after Loss.  Each session was filled with deep insight, scriptural support, real life testimonies, and practical ways to use the information to be more effective helpers to widows and widowers in our lives and communities.  Lunch was provided for the 50+ participants, who shared a meal and time of fellowship together.

The workshop continues on Sunday morning with a lesson titled “Praise the Lord…No Matter What” and a sermon titled “What we ought to do When we are Overwhelmed”.

The three mottos from the workshop are:

  1. “Don’t waste your pain”
  2. “I can and I will”
  3. “Don’t die until you’re dead”.

The workshop was live-streamed and recorded, and we invite those who were unable to participate in-person, to view the recordings of this valuable and informative material from brother Dean Miller.